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Invisalign® - Invisible Tooth Alignment

This new method of treatment was developed in the USA for adults. Misaligned teeth (malocclusions) can be moved to the position desired with the help of aligners calculated on computers. There are no metal braces to be seen. These aligners are worn in the mouth at all times except during eating and drinking. Unlike conventional wires, which can be seen and are affixed to the teeth, these aligners are almost completely indiscernible, as they are made of thin, transparent synthetic material.

It is significantly easier to maintain oral hygiene with this method of tooth alignment because the aligners can be simply removed before meals. This new method is highly suitable for correcting incisors with minor crowding.

How Invisalign® works

First, an impression of the patient’s teeth is taken, then an individual aligner set is produced for each patient on a computer. Each set is worn for around two weeks and then replaced by a new set, providing incremental movement of the teeth towards the correct position. Around every 6 weeks, the dentist inspects the progress of the treatment, and after 6 to 20 months, the treatment is generally complete.

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