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Individual Oral Hygiene

Today, the focus of dentistry is on maintaining the health of teeth, for it is precisely here where illnesses can be avoided or at least detected early on. In addition to taking care of teeth at home, optimum dental care also includes preventative measures carried out at the dentist’s office. Everybody has their own personal levels of cavity and periodontitis risk. Not only is regular cleaning essential for teeth, what is also crucial is the way in which it is done.


Individual oral hygiene first involves determining the condition of teeth and gums in order to be able to perform treatment that matches the individual patient’s particular health situation. It includes professional teeth cleaning, where the teeth are cleaned intensively. The surface of teeth are polished and fluoride is applied.

Three visits are generally required to treat gums that are already inflamed. During each visit, the current condition of the teeth and gums is recorded to document the healing process and to uncover any flaws that might still exist in one’s daily teeth-cleaning regime.

Three months later, teeth are professionally cleaned as a general measure.
This way, painful gum surgery can often be avoided or be reduced in scope.

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