Dentist Hamburg - Digital X-Ray Imaging

Digital X-Ray Imaging

Our treatment rooms are equipped with digital x-ray imaging systems that allow images of individual teeth to be made without the patient having to leave the seat.

When more extensive diagnoses are required, we use a panorama x-ray machine that takes tomograms of the entire jaw. This makes it possible to identify and treat cavities that may also be hidden, for example, in the space between teeth. In addition, this machine can create special images that are helpful in specific cases such as the treatment of implants, where the images can help dentists to make more precise statements about the structure of the jaw or to better identify the exact position of impacted wisdom teeth. It is only by using this method that a surgical procedure can be performed with low risk. For example, while the traditional x-ray technique cannot precisely pinpoint where the lower jaw’s nerve runs near the tooth, transverse tomography can be used to reveal the position of the root of the tooth in relation to the nerve. Only special tomograms can resolve whether the root lies around the nerve or on the inside or outside of the nerve. Until now, computer tomographs were typically taken, and they involve a relatively high amount of radiation exposure. With a panorama x-ray machine, complicated computer tomograms are no longer needed in most cases.

In addition to the benefits of better diagnostics, digital x-ray imaging also fits seamlessly into the flow of treatment steps. With no wait at all, the exceptionally sharp x-ray image appears in real time on the monitor next to the treatment seat and is available immediately for the consultation between patient and dentist.

Thanks to the latest radiation technology, the amount of the patient’s x-ray exposure is minimal. Radiation is reduced by 90% when compared with conventional, analog x-ray systems.

When clarification is needed from care providers in other fields, the x-ray images can be easily sent electronically.

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