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Dear patients, dear visitors!

At this point we want to give you an overview of our comprehensive range of services for your dental health. Please choose one of the following items for more information.


Individual Oral Hygiene

Your dental health and its permanent preservation are our primary concern. >>more

Professional Teeth Cleaning

Conscientious dental care against caries and periodontal disease. Two times a year! >>more


High quality all-ceramic restorations without imprint in just one session at the dentist! >>more

3D X-Ray Imaging

Three-dimensional digital image processing for accurate diagnoses and optimum treatment. >>more

Digital X-Ray Imaging

Minimum radiation exposure for our patients thanks to advanced X-ray technology. >>more

Root Canal Treatment / Dental Microscope

State-of-the-art root canal treatment with dental microscope. >>more


Dental implants for a radiant smile and a natural feel.>>more

Oral Surgery

Optimum oral surgical care for our patients through many years of experience. >>more


Quick and effective help in case of periodontal / gum disease. >>more


All-ceramic veneers with completely natural look. Perfect for the front teeth. >>more

Cosmetic Dentistry

The cosmetic dentistry is of special significance in our dental practice. >>more

Amalgam-Free Fillings

We do not use amalgam! As specialists in ceramic fillings, we rely on their superior durability, aesthetics, and unmatched compatibility. >>more

Invisalign® - Transparent Tooth Alignment

Computer-designed, clear plastic aligners ensure the correct position of your teeth. Perfect oral hygiene by simply removing the rails during meals. >>more

Patients with Anxieties

Our entire team, cited by psychologist Dr. Anja Fritzsche is specializing in the treatment of patients with dental anxieties. >>more

Current Dental Emergency Service