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3D X-Ray Diagnostics

3D X-Ray DiagnosticsSince September 2008 we have been using an x-ray imaging system that produces both digital images of the overall jaw as well as high-resolution 3D images of the tooth and jaw areas, and we were the first dental practice in Hamburg to use this system. We have been using digital x-ray technology for many years. Compared with conventional x-ray technology, there is less radiation involved, and no chemicals are needed for developing images. The image appears right away and simplifies the diagnosis, since the images can be viewed on large monitors. By adding 3D x-ray technology, our diagnostic capabilities have been further optimized and represent the state of the art in science.

What is 3D X-Ray Imaging?

With three-dimensional digital image processing, a patient’s anatomy can be displayed professionally from any angle. This makes it possible to precisely identify and analyze anatomic characteristics and correlations, and, as a result, it allows for better diagnoses and treatment steps.

What are the advantages of 3D X-Ray Imaging?

When compared with current computer-based dental tomography, the amount of exposure to radiation in our 3D x-ray system is greatly reduced. The 3D system also allows for the display and diagnosis of areas that two-dimensional images only show unclearly and with elements superimposed. It is helpful in particular with implantations, as with this system, the structure of the bone can be viewed and gauged. This system is so precise that even in root canal procedures it can show additional canal structures that only a microscope could locate more easily. In the treatment of gum diseases such as periodontitis, the condition of all levels of the tooth socket (dental alveolus) can be shown, which provides for greater accuracy in treatments.


3D X-Ray Imaging

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